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We know that sometimes being new is a lot like being in a middle school lunchroom—You feel like everyone is looking at you and you simply want to find a place to belong. That’s why our aim at Hope Church is to help you find your place. We have a very relaxed worship environment where our goal is to help you connect with God and with others.

Most Sunday mornings start around 10:30 am with coffee and doughnuts in our cafe and then we begin our morning worship service around 10:50 am. Services typically last an hour as we respond to who god is and what he has done for us through spirit-filled singing, raw and honest preaching, participating in communion on the first Sunday of the month, and giving back to God what he has given to us through our tithes and offerings.

Hope Kids is also an incredibly fun and safe opportunity for our younger crowd to connect with others who are just like them.