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It began with a vision to meet the spiritual needs of a growing city.

HOPE CHURCH ACTUALLY BEGAN AS Eastland Baptist Church IN A HOME OFF East Greenwood Ave. in Nashville, Tennessee on March 26, 1911. A small study group had been meeting for BIBLE STUDY at the house for a little over a month and it was decided that a church would be constituted. INITIALLY, There were eighteen charter members. On April 23, 1911, it was decided that a building would be erected at the Southwest corner of Greenwood Ave. and Chapel Ave. The building was inaugurated on the second Sunday in July of 1911,

The church grew in attendance quickly and despite several additions to the building in 1917, they were soon running out of room. So in September of 1919, the church purchased the property known as the Wilhoite property which included a very large house on the site where the present building is located. The church had been in existence for nine and a half Years now and The first service in the remodeled residence was held on December 5, 1920, At the new location, the first service saw 238 people in attendance and As growth continued, several additions were made to the property.

In November of 1922, the church voted to build a new auditorium and In June of 1923, they voted to build a two story addition to house the Sunday School classes. The building was eventually completed and occupied by the church. Early Sunday morning, April 26, 1931, the education building was gutted by a fire of unknown origin, supposedly faulty wiring. Emergency plans for Sunday School were put in place during the spring and summer months while repairs were made. On March 6, 1932, the new Sunday School building was opened. One major addition during the 1970's added a new educational building and a chapel. The building’s Sanctuary stage was rebuilt to modern specifications in the Summer of 2000. Other renovations are under way in several parts of the building now. Because of its beauty and historic architecture, Eastland was being featured in the Tour of Homes Show in the year, 2001,

Over the course of time, however, what was once a thriving congregation began to experience decline. After calling their new pastor Jason Rumbough, the leadership of Eastland Baptist Church voted unanimously to relaunch Eastland Baptist Church as Hope Church beginning March 3, 2019.

If you are interested in more info, you may call the office at  (615) 262-9424  or email us at CHURCH@HOPECHURCHNASHVILLE.COM.